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Spice Oleoresins Overview

Spice Oleoresins are a liquid, semi-solid or solid residue obtained by solvent extraction and possessing the full character of natural spices. The main components of an oleoresin include essential oils, fixed oils, pigments, pungent constituents and natural antioxidants. Oleoresins can replace whole or ground spices without impairing any flavor and aroma characteristics. They are a highly concentrated substance that exists in liquid form. For final use, these products are typically dispersed in a dry neutral carrier or liquid such as vegetable oil to the desired strength. Spice extracts are used as a preservative. One attempt to maintain the shelf life of the products such as meat and fish, pickles, sauces, soups, biscuits, and bread, etc., is to add a component were could inhibit microbial activity. Oleoresins are highly heat stable owning to absence of moisture in them. They also offer a significant advantage is terms of uniform flavor release, storage, handling and transportation.

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