Customer Service

We strive to provide an exceptional service to our customers through thorough focus on the Product, Pricing and Delivery.


Axel Cruz guarantees that all products which we receive, store, ship and distribute are under good sanitary conditions and do not pose the risk of contamination. Adequate training is provided to all the employees for implementing hygienic practices in every step of the process. Employees comply with all company’s safety policies and procedures, while making sure that our suppliers and vendors adhere to the same. Our customers can be rest assured that their products will match their specifications, ensuring safety and quality.


Many factors affect the prices of spices. The seasonal nature of spices affects supply during certain times of the year. Price fluctuations as such are managed by maintaining a strong supplier base. Axel Cruz diligently works with trusted suppliers and farmers, ensuring our customers benefit with Globally competitive prices.


In today’s World of fast moving people and businesses, Axel Cruz recognizes the importance of timely deliveries and meeting deadlines. We have made a position for ourselves in the market by ensuring we deliver our commitments within the agreed timelines, and by assuring customers of year-round availability of our products.