Encapsulated Products

Encapsulated Essential Oil

Essential oil is volatile in nature and by encapsulation, the interactions of the substance that forms the nucleus with the environment is minimized; reduces the rate of evaporation or transfer of the core compounds into the environment. The encapsulated oil which is in powder form and easy to handle, allows for release control, reduces odors and strange flavors and can be used homogeneously in a food product. We will be able to produce these as per requirement.

Encapsulated Oleoresin

Encapsulated Spices offer a standardized high content of flavor. They achieve high storage stability by encapsulation of valuable spice ingredients. This process also enables the spices to sustain a constant taste and flavour profile, with reduced germ count and enzymatic activity. Encapsulated Spices are especially suited for dry soup and salad dressing mixes, beverage powders and any products, which are to be mixed with or reconstituted in water.