Piperine 95%

Piperine is the bio-active component present in Pepper, which is responsible for the distinct biting quality in Black Pepper. Piperine (powder from) in the concentrated form can be produced from the oleoresin by centrifuging the resin in a basket centrifuge. Part of oil along with some resin will come out of the centrifuge and the centrifuged cake containing as high as 60 percent Piperine is obtained. The Piperine concentration can further be increased by washing the cake obtained with fresh pepper oil and further centrifuging it. We offer Piperine Powder with Piperine content from 60% to 95%. Piperine also increases Curcumin absorption when added to Curcumin.

Piperine Powder is used in herbal supplements, dietary supplements, pharmaceutical products and flavouring of foods.